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"Unfinished Love" by Ryu Sang-Rock
Album of T V X Q  "Hello, child." by H. O. T.

 "Don't touch me" by Ailee   Park Mee-Kyung   Album of Park Mee-Kyung  
 The Queen of Korean folk song, Yang Hee-Eun    Classical Korean folk song "Hello, butterfly." by Park, Min-Hee.  
 "Waiting and fluttering" by Gang Heo Dalim (best woman pop singer)
 "Miserable wife" by Chung Sun-Yeon  
 "The lover after farewell" by Lin - Ae  
 Oh Hyun-Ran  
 Dark Fog - Ko Han-Woo

  "STEP" by KARA   "Old love" by April and May   Album of Lim, Chang-Jung.  
 Choi Sung-soo is the best ballad singer.  
 Ryu Hyun-Sang & Baek Du San   Jo Kwan-woo of mythical voice.
 Kim Min-Kee is the father of Korean folk songs whom worked hard and purely when Korea was under dictatorship.   Na Hoon-Ah show   Kim Seh-Young    "Superstition" Live by Stevie Ray Vaughan
 "Battle without honor" by Tomoyasu Hotei
 "Missing your face." by Noh, Dong-Whan.


"Where are you" by Cha Ji-Yeon  Album of Kim, Bum-Soo   Album of Lee, Eun-Mee   Lee Mee-Bae  "Reunion in the heaven"
 "Album of Choi, Yoo-Na     "Monster" by Azbus
   Jeon in-kwon is one of the best singer in the world.    Classical Korean folk song by Park, Min-Hee.  
 "Getaway." by Richard Marx.     "Make me smile." by Chicago    "Living on a prayer." by Bon Jovi  Album of Sim, Soo-Bong



  Album of E X O   "You do not know how much I hurt" by He 6.   "Autumn wayfarer" by Sound Bird   "A bus that runs to the final stop of life, seashore" - Park Eun-Ock.  
 Concert of soprano Jo, Su-Mi.  
 Han Seung-Kee  
 "You are heartless" by Han Seung-Kee    Han Seung-Kee  
 "Relationship" by Wax
  "Eyes on me" by Richard Marx
 "Smoke on the water" by Deep purple.
 "Before the dawn." by Judas Pirest.


"Sorrowful love" by Park Eun-Shin
"Wind is bening blown" by Lee, Sora   "Album of Big Bang   "I am totally lost." by Choi, Baek-ho   Album of Han, Kyung-Ae  
 "Face of sister" - Kim Young-Dong
 "Somewhere quite far away." by Yang Hye-Seung.
 "Miserable Wife." by Yang Hye-Seung.  " Punishment. " by Yang Hye-Seung.  
 "Gary Moore - Ballads & Blues 1982-1994 (Full Album)   Cho Yong-Pil in Pyung Yang   " Different fates " by Ryu Ik-Jong  
 "One day." by Gary Moore  

  Concert of Turbo.  
 "Live concert of 2NE1
 Cho Yong-Pil in Pyung Yang

 "Desert rose" Live by Cheb Mami
   Several beautiful songs for the depressed, the exploited, and the poor  by the best folk singer couple Chung Tae-Choon & Park Eun-Ock. 
 Lee kwang-Jo
 " Beutiful perosn " by Ryu, Sang Rok. 
 "I have a moon in my mind" - Indian Soonie
 Love songs of Chin Simon
 Korean classical songs by soprano Jo Su-Mi.   Judas Priest - Graspop Metal Meeting 2008 (Full Concert)
 Album of Wax